Meet our Farmers:

Green Share LLC is a unique collective of food producers in eastern Iowa dedicated to diversified, small-scale, sustainable agriculture. We adhere to growing practices that focus on the health of plants, animals and the land while providing our community with high-quality, fresh and nutritious food. The Green Share farms combine their efforts to offer a wide variety of products throughout an extended season while creating a centralized distribution network of farm fresh products.


You can find our products at the Iowa City Farmers Market and Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market during the growing season or support our farms by becoming a Green Share Member.

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Green Share LLC

2542 Iowa Ave.                 

     Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

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Muddy Miss Farms   Iowa City, IA             Mogo organic   Mt. Pleasant, IA

Shanti Sellz  -                    Morgan Hoenig  -

     sales representative for Green Share LLC                                                    bookkeeper for Green Share LLC

Grelk Family Farm  DonnelLson, IA        Echollective Farm  Mechanicsville, IA

Christina Anthony & Dennis Grelk                                 Derek Roller

Turkey FOot Farm   Garwin, IA                              Onion Grove Farm

Nick Koster                                                           Forrest Kelly -

& Jenny Vazquez  -

Our Yesterday Farm  Mediapolis IA                          Deer Nation Herbs Iowa City, IA

Nate Larson                                                  Adrian White-